Hi Guys,
I am in very serious problem so please help me out

I have Windows XP SP3 and I am using internet through my Cell Phone with the help of my sim card i was using internet from my cell phone from long time ago but from 2 - 3 days back i m unable to do it bcuz whenever i tried to connect internet suddenly my pc reboot i reinstalled my phone driver but again the same think i am not getting what to do for this
Recently i had installed AVG Internet Security 8.5
Antivirus, Anti-Spyware, Anti-Spam,
Safe Searching and Safe Surfing on the Web, Identity Theft Protection & Firewall
I think i m in the problem because of AVG, So i am going to Unistall AVG and i will install AVAST with out Internet Security, But i dont know it will restore my problem

Please guys help me out i will be really very thank full for yours

Thanks in Advance

first uninstall the avg 8.5 & then try to connect to the internet
I think problem will be solve ,remove all files & from registry also.

Thanks for your Reply vinod, I unistalled AVG 8.5 and installed Avast but i didnt tried for to connect internet i will try and let u know the result