We currently use lame.exe command line to do .wav to .mp3 conversion. Lame is called by another program and most often, the conversion just works. Except for .wav files recorded in ADPCM format. Does anyone know if there is a command line converter that will throw up an error if the conversion doesn't work - or is that even possible? We would like to know that the automated process couldn't convert the file ... any insight will be much appreciated!

Formatfactory is all you need and best of all it is free

Thanks for the reply wailmasoud - I'll give it a go!

Thanks for the reply wailmasoud - I'll give it a go!

I should have mentioned that we want to convert wav(ADPCM in particular) to mp3 as well as compress, from the command line.


You can write it easily in C and Win32 apis (MM)

Thanks - and if you con't know how to write code in any language? I'm attempting to contact Custom Speech USA regarding their ACWave product which costs, but may offer what we're looking for. I do appreciate you taking the time to respond though!

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