CRC's - I've read what they are - but how do you work around them? This is the first time I have seen this error. Here is what happened:
I was trying to burn a CD and in the process - the burner or software (ASHAMPOO BURNING STUDIO) got hung up. So I cancelled the operation. I tried using Microsoft's burning CD feature and that got hung up as well. I had to use ctr+alt+del several times (with both methods) before the screen was cleared.

Now, I can not delete the folder I wanted to burn which is in the temp buring folder in XP. When I right-click to delete, I get the CRC error. Also, I dragged the URL from a site onto my desktop. I tried to delete this file, and again, got a CRC error. Now I can not delete the files in the Microsoft temp burning folder nor the file on my desktop.

Any suggestions????

I am running Windows XP Pro on an AMD Athlon XP 1800+ system. 512 Megs DDR, dual 40GB HDDs, dual AGP Graphics card (64megs - which i need to upgrade), CD/DVD single layer burner, second CD Burner. I do not play games on the PC, I use it for web and graphics design.


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Thanks so much for your help. I tried safe mode - the file still would not let me delete or move it. I then tried scandisk and if found a few bad clusters on the drive it said were repaired. The computer seems to be running a bit better even - and I was able to delete the files. How reliable are repairs from scandisk - and is it possible to see CRCs again since it happened once?

By the way, thanks for the links - They absolutely help a lot!!!!

hi the same error i am facing in a usb so plz how can i delete this error and i am using win7

hi rylor,

CRC's can happen again yes, but it is only often to happen with either a CD or DVD that is scratched or old or a process on windows was running and then it got cut off or stopped, this can happen when there is a powerfailure or anything that makes the PC suddenly freeze or turn off, after any of this happens you should always run a Check Disk which can be done by selecting run on the start menu and typing in chkdsk and it will do the rest.

if you have the same problem and would like to run a check on the flashdisk then go to my computer, right-click on the flash disk and select properties from the dropdown menu, and go to tools, and select error checking. If you cannot find it you will have to get advice from someone that is using windows 7 since i am not, and can only give you a more or less direction of where to go.


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