Microsoft came out with a new line of ads?

Yes, I was on Youtube looking for the Gates and Seinfield commercials; hoping that the 3rd ad was out; instead I found out that Microsoft pulled The Bill gates and Seinfield Commercials. Microsoft created a new line of Microsoft ads that actually gets their point across “connecting with the customers.”

So how do these ads “connect” better than the previous ads?

The Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfield’s ad series were less then appealing for most people; with the type of budget Microsoft has the commercial should have been in 3d where you would need 3d glasses to watch it!

I really understand what they are trying to get across with their new ad campaign because they use actual real life jobs, situations, things as simple as Bill Gates wearing glasses and an ordinary person wearing glasses. What Microsoft amazingly accomplished in these commercials is the funny factor; this surely was not easy for Microsoft to pull off as they are a company that is focused on making money not making people laugh.

Does this new ad campaign have to do with the old ads making no sense?

Microsoft denies that they pulled the Seinfield campaign because it was doing poorly, they claim that this is what they had planned all along and the first 2 ads were a “teaser.” No one believes that for a millisecond the old ad was just that old, Microsoft paid two rich old men to try to act like regular people, suffice to say it blew up in their face.

Do you think this will make customers buy their products?

If the customer is a regular person and thinks that being computer literate is understanding how to surf the web; then yes. Microsoft will have to do something almost impossible to make geeks think that their products should be compared with something higher then the quality of fast food.

To me, what stood out about the new commercials wasn't just that "everybody is a PC" (I knew that aleady, I've seen the market statistics) it was having musicians, artists, and authors: The market segment that people view as being anti-windows. They're not just pointing out that everybody "Is a PC" they're pointing out that "anybody can be a PC", even if your colleagues are mac fan-boys.

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