I am getting a CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check) error when I try to copy files within a Hard Driver or from a Hard Drive to another Drive.
I have been buying Maxtor drives only, and for each one I get, a CRC error occurs in the next few months I use it, and I use the important stored data on it.
What happens is that the head tries to read from the disk, but it is unable to; it freezes my system and I hear clicking noises coming from the hard drive.
The more I use the hard drive, the more intense and loud the noises get, as well as the system freeze.
Norton Disk Utilities report the drive being fine, even if NDU has trouble reading sectors from it.
What should I do to RECOVER the data from the disk or just PREVENT it from happening?

Thank you,

Hey caperjack...

I tried using Max Blast 4 and I get the same results. It even said "copying file 6 of 5"... :|
Is there anything else I can do?



Yes, I believe I mentioned before that the disk is in good health (i.e. Norton doesn't report any errors or failures).
Thanks for the link; it seems they are key registry cleaners. -_- Haha... Besides for PeachTree where I have to pay $1000 for the product. That's off the hook...

Any other suggestions?

Thank you for your help,