Heloo sir/mam...

Well my name is kiran... i need ur help...
I need to block the running of a text file ( .txt) from cmd.. any method to achieve dat?? ie, through cmd whn someone tries to run a text file or an .exe file cmd shud not allow dat.. I mean, no text files must run through command prompt... Plzzzzzzzz help me....
im in urgent need.....

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I am not sure what you are asking. If you want to stop the use of the "run" command, Right click "START" select "Properties" "customize' and then "Advance "tab scroll down on start items and remove check from "Run" when you "apply" and exit "run" will not be available from the start menu.
I hope that is what you wanted. If not please give more information as to what is happening and what you want to happen, what PC you are running etc...


Sir, not that... In the command prompt utility 9 cmd.exe) in XP, i need to block the execution of an exe file.. ie through command prompt no one shud run any application...

For eg: Consider the cmd..
c:\> cd windows
c:\windows> cd system32
c:\windows\ system32 > notepad.exe

when we run the notepad like diz , cmd must not allow this...

How to block this?

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