Here is a puzzling situation I'm experiencing. I cannot connect to ANY host via FTP whether I use FTP.exe in Windows XP or any FTP client. I tried WS_FTP, CoffeeCup, SmartFTP, CuteFTP - with numerous servers - and cannot connect to any.

Hopefully someone can help solve my problem!

Thanks in advance,
Avi W.
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I found this thread floating around the Windows Software forum but it seems more of a Networking issue to me. Can someone take care of it? Thanks! :)


Need a little more information to help you.

1) Are you running any firewall software on the Windows XP computer itself?

2) Are you trying to connect to any of the servers outside of a firewall, or are you at work, trying to connect to an internal server?

3) Are you able to ping the addresses you are trying to connect to?

4) Are you able to browse out on the internet using IE or Firefox to connect to these places.

I am thinking the following --

A) It is possible that a firewall is preventing outside connectivity attempts. Not sure if XP SP2's neato firewall will do that to you.

B) Perhaps your company's firewall is preventing the connection

C) There might be a problem with your IP scheme, or the addresses not correct.

D) There might be a DNS problem. Addresses not looking up, that sort of thing.

I would first be checking to see if ftp.your.spot resolves to (replace with what the real IP numbers should be) and be sure that you have access to the ports.

Let us know,


If you have installed, or convenienty has been installed for your benefit, XP SP2, FTP will be blocked by the "new and improved" Microsoft built-in firewall. Check.


Here is a puzzling situation I'm experiencing. I cannot connect to ANY host via FTP whether I use FTP.exe in Windows XP or any FTP client. I tried WS_FTP, CoffeeCup, SmartFTP, CuteFTP - with numerous servers - and cannot connect to any.

Hopefully someone can help solve my problem!

Thanks in advance,
Avi W.
DaniWeb Internet Marketing Moderator

I had the same problem, Avi. I have to agree with the above post. I found my ftp connection problem was due to having had the SP2 for XP installed on my machine during a Windows XP update... all was fine until then... :rolleyes:

I simply disabled the Windows XP Firewall and now I connect fine. I use McAfee Security Center software, no problems with it. Hopefully this will help your situation... :mrgreen:

Hello, I have the same problem even after turning off my ZoneAlarm, XP SP2 firewall and Norton Antivirus. I have a home DSL connection and I can ping the ftp servers. The ISP claims that the problem has nothing to do with them. It seems really weird! Do you have any suggestions because I am becoming desperate....

Hi I have the same problem. I was running ftp server on my windows 2000 machine.it used to work fine. but ever since i installed window XP SP2.i can not connect to my ftp server from anywhere. i can connect from command line. but if i use browser to connect to my ftp server it does not work.i tried disabling XP inbuild firewall also i tried adding port to its exception list.but nothing seems to be working. please help me :rolleyes: :sad:

i definetly think is its the firewall especially the blocker it blocks everything on xp with sp2

I had the same trouble, suddenly no ftp using DreamWeaver or any other ftp client.

The only changes I'd made to my system was updating XP to use the new 'Windows Installer 3.1 (KB893803).

I disabled the XP firewall and all is well again... except I'm open to attack...

What (free) firewall should I use? I would prefer to fix the XP firewall problem as it's less intrusive I feel.


Brother Payne

I think that the problem is related with ftp passive mode on Windows XP server. Try to disable on IE client: Tools > Internet Options > Navigate > Use Pasv FTP or try other navigator like Nestscape on client.


This thread has unfortunately become clouded with different types of problems attached to the same thread, perhaps caused by the same problem: XP SP2. Perhaps they are not.

Geucimer: You may be onto something here. I am seeing more passive ftp approaches, especially with the rise of firewalls. Typically FTP wants to pick a random port to fire the data back on, and a firewall can block that. Passive FTP manages the ports differently, making the transaction firewall happy.

BrotherPayne: I like running a firewall "upstream" from the client computers I use, so that if the firewall is compromised, I have yet another layer of security between the internet and me. The internet is an evil place: worms and attacks are all over the place... I can show you logs of continual access attemps on my systems. I run a linux server between my desktops and the internet, and that linux box is the firewall. Not everyone desires that solution, however. I would suggest a wireless router box if you want a "store solution", or if you have a business, you will need something stronger such as a PIX unit. Or a linux server. In all of these cases, however, some skill is required (aside from the store-solution) to configure and manage. But that keeps the software off of each local machine, consuming memory, and CPU time.

zalakes: Yup. XP SP2 with firewall on will even prevent domain administrators from doing certain things to a workstation. That is why we run firewalls upstream, and disable them on the workstation. Now, when the users dialup, that is a different story, or when their laptop goes to the motel... but they are then under orders to use the company VPN, and deviants risk losing their laptops. Have to remember that security often includes human enforcement / responsibility to the technical solution.

desireuben: Look into passive FTP, or try a different web browser.

nightfall_gr: Please open another thread if this is happening to you. I think something else may be going on.

ALL OTHERS: Please open your own threads detailing your own situation.


Hi People !

IT's Great they are some site like this in the world!
Can some1 help me with this!!!!coz i'm going crazy.About 2 day ago I put new windows xp sp2 with norton internet security 2005 and norton system works 2005 premier.I had this software before on my machine,but i changed hard drive so had to install fresh copies.All is working good,but i cant use any ftp tools,they work ok but when i'm trying to connect say from dreamweaver 8 i'm getting message the server dosnt respond or is timed out or ...other silly things.I turned off both norton programmes but still cant connect to the server.Windows security center is turned off too.Do you have any ideas?Please help i have to finish uploading client site by tomorrow or i will lost my job!
Many Thanks

There is a simple fix to your Client software not connecting. It took me forever to get coreftp to start working again after I updated to SP2 and had the firewall on.

You can simply turn the firewall off in most instances, but I don't reccommend it.
Here is another option.

Start --> Control Panel --> Windows Firewall --> Exceptions "tab" --> Add Program (for software clients.) //// Add Port (for FTP.exe command interface)

This should take care of your problem.

I've tried the above, and still have no luck. I'm using a VSAT (Satellite) connection and everything WAS originally working fine and now it's not. I couldn't pull up a web page until I adjusted the proxy in IE and FF. Now I can pull up a web page...but my FTP clients (WS-FTP and FileZilla) keep timing out. (They USED to work) I've tried passive, I've tried specifying the port but to no avail. My Yahoo/MSN/Skype/VOIPBuster won't connect. From time to time MSN will connect momentarily but will never send messages and simple drops out. Skype used to work and now it won't since I've been playing with settings. This is driving me mental as it has crippled my ability to work. After reading your forum I checked to notice windows update has indeed installed the firewall. Even when I switch it off, I still can't connect to any of my servers...and chat clients simply won't log on. Any ideas?

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