Hi, My mobiles Modem is not being detected by my laptop, vista based.
i have tried my best.
please provide solution.
i am not able to connect a internet connection on my pc as it is not detecting the phone modem.
i am using Spice mobile phone and a vista based computer.

First up, this is not the Vista site.
Any phone modem I have used, either had the program to drive the modem installed in the modem or with a separate disk.
Has you modem worked b4 in this PC?
Have you installed the drivers via a CD?
Have you tried other USB's to if it will work there?
Have you tried another PC?
Have you re-booted with it plugged in to see if it is recognized then?
What have you done?
Give us some information on your modem, is it a dedicated modem with a sim card? CD? etc?

Hi again,
I just had a look at Spice mobiles and I see that they are normal phones. I assumed that they were just a modem as I have for a wireless connection in a 3G area.
So, how is it connected to your PC, Blue-tooth, USB, other?