Has anyone ever heard of a virus or spyware that would cause identical problems on 2 different machines at the same time? I have recieved a call about a XP based machine not being able to connect to the internet. At the same time I was told their laptop (Vista) was doing the exact same thing. Ironically the both machines were fine when Sunday came. Then a few days later back to no internet. This had been happening now for 2 weeks. Internet works fine Sunday and Monday and then on Tuesday they both cannot access the internet until Sunday again.

These machines are connected to the internet directly through a ISP gateway router. Laptop is wired connection and the laptop is wireless. Any help is apprecieated


The acid test is to put a controlled device/PC onto that router and see if it behaves the same as the others. Then it's an external problem (Router, ISP or telco).

It's entirely possible for malware to hit two machines. I won't bother explaining why - it's highly obvious.

I once had trouble with a router working intrermittantly and rebooting it made it work.... they are not rebooting the router on its own are they? but I agree more likely malaware.