i am using windows 7 with xp mode , i am having a problem with accessing to the internet using Windows 7 that is why i downloaded xp mode for windows7, i can access to the internet without any problem using xp mode and my hardware huawei wireless can work on xp mode, i am wondering if any one has an idea how can i set up an internet connection sharing between Windows 7 and xp mode so that i can access the internet from Windows 7 using my connection on windows xp mode..........
any help will be highly appreciated

did you install or search for win7 win vista drivers for your huawei wireless device

it is Huawei FTS1201, i emailed huawei company and the said they do not have driver for windows7, they do have foe windows vista but it does not work with my modem, actually the texas instruments TUSB4310, it is the one that should get upgraded

OK, thanks for the driver #.
First, I just want to make sure you have "Plug'n'Play" enabled in the BIOS.
You are also running 32bit (x86) version, correct?
After browsing through a few other forums I belong to, I came across this one, which should solve your issue.
Please read the entire thread, but I believe the first 2 pages will be of benefit.


Let me know the outcome,


i would like to thank u a lot for your help, yes it is enabled in bios plug and play, i will confirm it agin, and i will go to the thread and let u know, once again thank u a lot for being so helpful

hi, u know when i go to control panal and hardware and printers devices i found my hardware listed as unspecified devcice ( TUSB3410 Device (COM4) ),,, the problem is this, my huawei termial is working , and i can connect to the internet but the problem happens when i try to disconnect , then the task goes enless and i can not end the task only by switch on-and off the w7, you know my huawei modem has texas instrument integrated TUSB4310, which had no driver for w7 yet, i did email huawei comapny and they told me that driver for w7 is not yet appeared, itried install the software using the compatability mode in xp, vista, i have tried all the way, but not getting any resuly yet, i will be so thankful to u if u find any soultiuon to this problem,, yes i am running w7 32bits