I had to re-install windows xp professional on my son's dell laptop computer. After re-installing xp pro, it automatically popped up and asked for service pack 2. After putting it in the laptop, I got the error that it needed the asms file for sp2. I copied it from my own laptop and it accepted that, asked for the sp2 disc again and now I have an error - NT5INF.CAT file cannot be found. When I look it up on my computer, it's part of the asms file. I am frustrated beyond belief with this computer. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated. Microsoft is of no help! Big shocker! Thanks

I am not sure what you are saying about SP2 and your laptop but, now would be a good time to make a slipstreamed CD as you have your laptop and his PC.
Another way is to download a standalone version of SP3 on your laptop and install that on you sons PC. This would over -ride the need for SP2. You could make a slipstreamed OS CD for both PC's later.
Slipstreaming your XP Operating System Disk is an easy and very time saving job. When you need to reinstall or repair Windows, you will have SP3, the drivers for your PC, the serial number and a number of hot fixes etc that have been released since SP3 all on your CD. You can insert the CD, click install and come back an hour later to an up-to–date PC, needing only a few updates on-line (plus IE8, Media player11 etc) Click on this link to find out how to make your own CD:-

Thanks for the information, but unfortunately I can't get xp pro to finish loading without this stupid service pack 2, which I got from Microsoft. I also have the Service pack 3 and it is of no value. I can't do anything about streamlining anything until I can get that computer to finally load and start up. It's been extremely frustrating. I paid a lot of money for that computer and it is of no value without operating. But thanks for the info!

Hi again,
If you make the slipstreamed CD on your laptop (with his drivers and XP serial number) and use that to reinstall windows on your son's machine it may fix the problem you are having. SP3 is SP2 with a lot more updates and hotfixes, that is, if you have SP1 you can go straight to SP3, you do not have to install SP2 ever. therefore, if you can bypass SP2 your problem may be bypassed as well.

If bob's advice did not work then either try starting up in safe mode [F8] (guessing that you have already tried that.) or ask some of your friends around if they have XP pro Service Pack 2, it should come with any newly bought computer unless its Vista/7. You will be surprised at howmany people have that XP SP2 cd, and since its built in to the cd, just reformat, and install it. That should do it, and well if you cannot get it from friends then you'll have to do asmuch as you can to follow bob's advice.