On my BK630e book PC, bought a fresh copy of XP home edition full version and a 40GB drive to install on it. At the Starting Windows prompt where if I remember, the black WinXP screen replaces the standard text on blue opening motif, the keyboard lights go out, there is a seemingly audible click and the HDD light comes on and stays on...no steady flashing at all. No response results, however, if I load MS DOS 6.2, which I was able to get from the Goodwill, and Windows 98, where I am prompted for a lost product key.... The OS install and concludes in the case of MS DOS, above.

What could be the culprit? My suspicion is on the upgraded DVD RW drive that was not with the system originally, but the PC133 256MB was and tonight was tested with diagnostic software, no faults!

Even the techs are so far at a loss to suggest a fix, other then installing the original CPU and setting the BIOS voltage settings for the FSB to register correctly.
Since the bookPC is a seemingly unknown computer platform around here, info is not too hard to locate online.


if you still have 9X hdd running as a slave then you should disconnect it and format the xp hdd and then try re installing xp

I had no luck getting XP to run on my BKS630e Book PC, but I was able to use my eMachine's dated Windows ME OS on it's OEM HDD, swapped to the book PC and run, but it lacks necessary drivers for full operation, resolution VGA-wise and for the modem/fax/Ethernet as well... so downloading them is completely out on that front, I have to get them to disk again, it seems. So far my search has led to various Flash-ROM BIOS updates, and even then, not sure what to use. My fresh copy of XP Home Edition did boot on my Compaq DeskPro I bought from the Goodwill so I will be installing it when I upgrade the 500MHz Celeron there. I want Movie Maker to install without any problems!


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