Hello Everyone.

I need a little help here trying to figure out what could be causing this. I just received a Dell Dimension XPS Desktop computer. I just did a Clean OEM install of XP Home. During the install i had the selection of NTFS(Quick) or NTFS. I choose NTFS with out the quick because i wanted to make sure the hard drive was completely wiped out.

Now heres the problem
When the computer first turns on it goes through the POST very fast then it goes black for about 2 mins. Then it gose to the screen shown in the attachment. ( i just found that pic online because i cant take as screenshot that early) Now it will stay there and slowly go through that process for about 5 mins. Then XP Loading Screen comes on for like 5 seconds and then Logon screen. Now the computer is Extremely fast after it passes that Screen.

So my Question is: What do you guys think is causing this, Did i choose the wrong Format and maybe go back and choose the NTFS(Quick) Or just load her up with some more Ram.

PC Specs
Dell XPS
Intel 4
CPU 3.20 GHZ and 3.19 GHZ
1 GIG Ram

Thanks Everyone

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hi,not sure of the cause ,but has nothing to do with the ntfs format you chose ,as that was the correct one to use!
you could add some more ram for sure ,but it should still be booting fast with the one gig .
are there any add in pci card that you could remove and try a boot with out them ,like and modem or network, or sound card ,or is everything built into the mother board

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No The Video , SOund, Network are all PCI Cards. Ill Give that a try.


Hey Caperjack
Thanks for your help in this, Your Post sparked me to go into the Bios to check the book sequence. When i did i realized that the boot sequence Had the Hard drive last. Thanks Again for your help in this


Good to hear,so that fixed the slow boot I assume

Yea it dosent even show the that screen anymore it goes straight into the XP loading Screen. Thanks Again For your Help

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