How do I make a batch file play automatically just BEFORE the PC (WinXPPro SP3) goes into Standby?

Why do I ask? I'm having trouble with Wake on Ring. I want my Conexant modem card ALWAYS to answer my fax line and receive faxes, but it is NOT reliable about waking up when the PC is in standby. Sometimes it does, and sometimes it doesn't and I miss faxes.

So I wrote a very short batch file that has two powercfg command lines that seem to work in reminding the PC and the Conexant modem card that they should Wake on Ring during Standby. How do I get this batch file to play automatically either just before standby or (second-best) every 30 minutes or so when the PC is awake?


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Create a Scheduled task in windows Task Scheduler. Make it so that it runs the program (in your case the batch file) just before standby or about every 30 minutes...

Thanks, add reps if it worked for you!


Dear C~O: How do I set it to run "just before standby"? Is there such a setting in Scheduled Tasks? Thanks.


Well what you would do is go check the time when the computer goes in standby mode (aka goes to sleep). This should be under power options. Record the time. For example, say your computer is set to go to sleep (standby) after 10 minutes you can set the tigger in task scheduler to run the program every 5 minutes.


why not just disable standby,
I owned a computer for about 12 yrs now and have never seen the need to use standby mode ,actually disable it on ever computer i own or have owned ,and most of the ones i fix/build for others ,just don't see the point ,i have never had a computer of mine die because it was on to much ,they usually run from morning to night .is it just to save money on your power/hydro bill

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