I have a foxpro application that i access by mapping the drive.I have managed to hide the drive from the users such that they cannot see the drive in windows explorer.I do not want them to view the contents of the drive via command prompt because currently i have noticed the users are still able to access the contents in command prompt.The application is located in a windows server 2003 server and the other machines are on xP .I disabled cmd but the application wont run because it is Dos based.Is there a way out?All help appreciated.

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Thanks Bob_180_Bob,i did check out the net tools.It hides the drive but am still able to browse contents of the drive via dos.I basically want to hide(else disable cmd) contents in the drive or directories such that a user will not go to to the drive using cmd.I have tried disabling the cmd in the registry and when i tried running my application,it din't work.Its a dos based program(foxpro).I there a way i can have only the specific application running?can this be set in windows server 2003 for users in a domain?If so how do i do it?


How about if you change the name and drive letter of the drive, that way they would have to know the name of the drive of drive letter to access it. Google it, there a number of sites telling you how.

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