Question: Can I safely remove Nvidia ?I ran Nasty File Remover and it says to remove.

Hi and welcome to Daniweb,
Yes you can remove that folder! BUT DO NOT!!
It is your drivers for your internet connection hardware. If you remove it you will not be able to access the internet.
What ever program that told you to remove it is probably just trying to get you to buy their anti virus program.
Any time you don't know about anything you need to know about, open, type in what you are looking for. When you get information, ensure it is a reputable site you are looking at, and not one trying to sell you something. In this case typing in "Nvidia" would have shown you it is a necessary program and not a virus.
Get rid of that "Nasty file remover" go to the "Viruses, Spyware and other nasties" site here and read about recommended programs for checking your machine.

Question: Can I safely remove Nvidia ?I ran Nasty File Remover and it says to remove.

from my google search its a nvidea video card driver ,so if you don't have a nvida video card then yes you can remove the file .
and nasty file remover i found on and reputably site ,and it says this about nasty file remover !

Nasty File Remover (or NFR), is a small and simple to use tool that scans system folder for driver files (such as nvidia, creative, ati etc etc) and presents the user with a list.
You can delete selected files / create a bat file to execute when and where you see fit and even create a standard zip file for backup.

This is handy when you are changing you'r current drivers and you wish to make sure that all previous driver files are removed.
Features version selection so you can select a single driver version's files.

Upgrading drivers (especially graphics and sound) can cause conflicts if files from older versions still exists. So using NFR after each driver installation is highly recommended.

Supports all known drivers (hopefully), all windows versions, online update, and more!