I'm creating a Christmas PowerPoint slide show of my family,can someone tell me where I can download free Christmas templates for my presentation? And I want to put this PowerPoint slideshow on Youtube to share with all my relatives and friends. I tried to upload an.PPT file to Youtube but failed, any idea? Thanks

commented: You had all year to plan this, and figure out how to do this. Today (xmas eve) is NOT the time to go round yelling URGENT -3

I assume you already have the pictures you want to use?
Get Picasa and use the movie feature which also has a You Tube upload link. You'll need to create or use a free Google /You Tube account.

Hi, you can download free Christmas PowerPoint templates from these sites:

As we know, YouTube only accepts video files, so if you want to put your PowerPoint slide show on Youtube, you need to convert it to video first.
How to convert a PowerPoint file to video:
1, If you are using PowerPoint 2010 beta, you just save the PowerPoint slide show as video file.
2, If you are using PowerPoint 2007, 2003 or older version, you can use this professional PowerPoint to video converter: Moyea PPT to video converter (Get it from http://www.dvd-ppt-slideshow.com/ppt-to-video/ ) . This PowerPoint to video converter can preserve all the special effects like animation, transition. With it, you can generate a video from PowerPoint with just a few minutes. For details, please see in the article "How to put PowerPoint presentation onto YouTube", http://www.dvd-ppt-slideshow.com/ppt-to-dvd-tips/powerpoint-to-youtube.html

And now, you can upload the video to YouTube and share your Christmas PowerPoint slide show with people around.