I'm trying to install Ubuntu to a PC. It's an HP pavilion xt919. an old one given to me by my aunt after i helped her move. it has windows ME installed on it. at startup, i can tell that something has (i'm not sure what, whether it be malware, or virus/worm etc.) crippled the system at some point in time. No worries really, about that- i'd like to wipe out w/me and install ubuntu. i already threw an image disk of ubuntu, tried to install it over w/me, to little avail. ubuntu allowed me to test the problem pc on its capabilities to support ubuntu and to success. this pc runs on an intel celeron 800 MHz proc with 128 mRAM i think. Just from eying, i think it should be able to support the new OS. but i can't get w/ME OFF. i've done the control settings, tried to find an uninstall for windows ME, but nothing. anyway, i'll keep playing around, but i would so greatly appreciate any insights. stuff like this, from what i know, typically only needs someone to glance over one's shoulder and say, "hey, you missed a semi colon right there" and the problem is fixed. i assume i'm not doing something that is fairly simple. anyway again, thank you for any info.


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hey man, i appreciate it.
i got it working about thirty minutes after i posted that thread. not sure what happened really, but i turned the pc off for a few minutes with the ubuntu disk in the cd tray and powered it back up and it went through the installation. ubuntu works fine, now i'm just working on getting it online. thank you for your input.


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