I'm trying to find the restore point on windows 2000 prof OS Laptop. Can anyone help. It's going so slow, hardly moves...don't know what to do. Thanks for your help.

Win 2000 pro, as far as I am aware, does not have a "System Restore " facility, as in WinXP.
However,It does have a backup program (Start/Programs/Accessories/System tools/Backup.
Use the restore wizard to restore for a walkthrough or use the restore tab to continue.

Sparkax is correct, so what is it that you are doing that is going so slowly?

Thanks for trying to help me. This is only for back-up file. What I was trying to do like on my Windows XP is find a restore point but like you said it doesn't have this facility. Too bad! Not to worry and thanks again.

well it's an old computer......with too many programs on it and it's just plain slow. Got a new Vista laptop though and will have to transfer the files now from one laptop windows 2000 to vista...now must learn Vista os before we switch to windows 7. Am just familiar with Windows XP on my own computer and I like it better than Vista. My head is spinning!!!

Hi Bob,
Thanks....I do have CC cleaner on my Windows XP Tower (not on the Windows 2000 though). I even have Registry cleaner (but it took away some of my stuff and can't reinstate them, even after trying restore point). I even installed Reimage PC Booster but it goes into crash mode (wanted to check all my drivers)...The XP is already 6 years old (Windows 2000: 9 years old)...and is slowing down. I can't even open my dvd drive anymore so can't reinstall my windows even if I wanted to. Am experiencing a slow response from my bluetooth mouse to my desktop nowadays (after being in off monitor mode)...it does eventually open up and am ok...you see for a non IT person, am experiencing lots of little problems....which makes life the more interesting! Am thinking of switching to Apple computer....I like Windows XP...not Vista or this new Windows 7 which will surely come with lots of updates, patches, security whatever and restriction craps....what do you think, would Apple be better than Windows? Another new OS to learn....keeps my brain cells alive, at my age! :)

My opinion! never Apple, my last boss had Apple all through his business and with 7 PC's (4 POS) he had a mechanic working there most days to get it repaired and keep it working.
I have tried Vista and returned to XP and I have tried 7 and returned to XP and I have tried Linux and returned to XP.
Xp has plenty of problems but I like the devil I know... My main problem with Linux was I did not know how to use it, if I stayed with it for a while it might have been OK. I started working with PC's when there was no hard drive and you had to put in a 5 1/2 floppy yes 5 1/2 inch floppy just to boot. No program was over 750kbs as that was all you could get on a disk.
I doubt that you could get any programs to run in Windows 3.1 now, so when XP gets that way I will need to change, but till then I will stay with XP.

Ah then you must know XP inside out....you can be my mentor in times of trouble! Thanks for all your kind help.



Hi again,
Firstly a correction, my memory was wrong it was a 5 1/4 inch floppy not 5 1/2 inch.
I am glad I could be of any help to you at all, and as far as knowing XP is like saying you know another person as sometimes XP will do things that seem to defy logic, so lets just say I am comfortable with XP.
If you are now happy, please mark this thread as closed and maybe I will be here to try and assist you the next time XP misbehaves.