My system:
WinXP Home SP3, Intel 2.2 GHz Dual Core, 3.0 Gig DDR system RAM, Intel DG33BU motherboard with G33 chipset, XFX "Alpha Dog" 8800 512 Graphics Card, 750 W PS.

I was attempting to upgrade my audio to a Creative Labs Blaster 64mb card when.....I disabled the on-board audio drivers (RealTek) and followed the install instrutions to a "T". After performing a "clean boot", install and re-boot, I have no sound- from the speakers or headphones. I get the eror message --

"There is no active mixer devices available. To install mixer divices, go to Control Panel, click Printers and Other Hardware, and then click Add Hardware".

I have re-installed the audio drivers from the Intel web site, the problem persists. I would appriciate any assistance, as I need the sound on my machine for various software apps that I test. The Creative Labs software did not install as expected, so that was uninstalled and a support incident openned with them as well.

Thank you.

Go into your Device Manager and check to see if there are any yellow exclamation marks/flags for your onboard sound card. If there is right click and delete/uninstall them. Reboot system. Install your realtek drivers again.

also try going to control panel/sound devices a,d make sure that soundblaster is checked of as the default in sound and voice settings

Thanks for the response, Starfireone. I have removed the on-board (RealTek) audio device and re-installed it, but I get the same error message that no installed mixer device is installed. I get sound from the RealTek surround sound "test" module, but when I click on the system "speaker", there is no sound and that message regarding the mixer is displayed. I have downloaded new drivers from the Intel web site, they have had no effect either.

Thanks for the input. Since I have un-installed the Soundblaster card and associtaed software, I am trying to get my system back to "normal" (pre-sound card install). According to forum at Creative Labs support web site, they are having significant problems with their software for this sound card. They have not responded to my support request as of yet.