Dear ALL,

I have bought a PC COMPAQ CQ2000AN in New Zealand. That model does not provided the restore kit in CD formation. I know the restore kit which is installed into the harddrive but now the PC was not work and cannot go to the windows screen and DOS prompt.

I have tried to call the support of HP at Australia but she is on a holiday until 7th January, 2010.

Could you tell me what I can do to solve the problem? I am not in New Zealand.

Please help


To what I know most Compaq PC come with restore CD. If all fail you can download from their website.

Thank you for your kind reply.

The restore kit is inside the harddrive but it does not go to the screen of Window. After discussing with the support from American Region. She advise me to buy back the restore CD from New Zealand / Australian Region. I have tried to call the 0800 phone on yesterday but it does not work because I am not in New Zealand now. When I tried to call the support of Australia. She is on a holiday in this moment until 7 January.

So, what can I do in this moment. Have you got the restore CD?