When starting WinXP, both desktop icons and quick launch icons appear. The hour glass appears and after a short time without starting an icon in the taskbar tray, the saving settings message appears and the computer turns off.

When going to F8, safe mode, and running msconfig, checking the startup items, make no changes and leave with allowing the system to re-boot, it often will complete the startup. This final step is known when icons begin to appear in the taskbar tray.

When the F8 process does not work, all is fine after re-booting several times. The number of times necessary to complete the process is a variable.

If a driver is corrupt somewhere, why would this occurrence be self correcting sometimes?

Most importantly, any suggestions on how to eliminate this from happening at boot time???

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check user policies.. probably, a trojan is attached your user setting to shutdown your computer..

Thank you for the tip, but what are the steps to do this??

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start - run - mmc

add-remove snapp in select... group policy..

then u will find everything there

Thank you for the response but again, I can not seem to follow your directions.

Did the start—run—mmc…………………Saw the Console Root…did a double click…and saw the following: “there were no items to show”…………..nothing was there.

Ran start—run--gpedit.msc……………….Looked at the Group Policy for both the computer and user configuration and found that nothing was configured..same as above.

Sorry, but I did not understand how to use the “add-remove snapp in select... group policy..information that you provided.

Could you please explain what I am to do???