I installed the new Windows 7. One big problem, I can't open more than one window in Internet Explorer. If I am online on a page... and if I click the IE icon to open another site, it just reopens the same window I am already in. Anyone know of any setting I have to change?

I did a clean install of Win 7. I am using IE 8.

Thanks for any info.

right click the IE icon in the task bar, then from the popup menu select "Internet Explorer", near the bottom of the list.

hi ,you should use tab browsing ,click on the new tab ,and open the page you want to open ,then mouse over the IE icon in the lower tool bar ,and you will see thumbnails of all pages .this is actually one of the features i like best in win7 and IE
check my snipping tool attachement of the new tab button , another feature ,tool i like

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