This machine connects to the network but cannot access the web at all. I am pretty sure that the issue stems from the recent uninstallation of Cisco VPN and subsequently McAfee. Even before terminating McAfee, the machine would not connect. I have tried all the uninstall tools available for McAfee and tried to manually force it out of Windows following the directions on McAfee's website. Everything I try gives me an error.
I've gone through startup on msconfig as well as services and terminated everything non-windows.
Windows firewall is off.
It is highly unlikely that it is virus related because it has rarely been used for ANYTHING but replicating my stupid Lotus Notes database.
I've tried booting in safe-mode with networking.
The reason I was chasing down mcafee was the epolicy orchestrator was in my opinion the only remaining conflicting software that could be holding my connection up.
One more thing...I can ping or any other website from a cmd prompt but if you go to type that address into a browser, it doesn't work.
It is NOT hardware related. I have another hard drive formatted for this machine and it works fine (as fine as Windows can work).
It is not wireless. The problem persists whether wired or wirelessly connected.
Anyone care to help keep this machine off the trash-pile?

Check to see if you have a domain DNS server designated and if it is working. From command prompt try:
you should get a sresposnse saying something like this:

Non-authoritative answer:

the first part tells you what dns server you are asking for the ip address. if that does not work try this and I bet you get an answer:


That will query the primary nameserver on the web. If that works and the first one did not your problem is your do not have a valid DNS server set for the network card. Set it under the "Local Area Connection X" and the Properties for Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) at the bottom. If obtain IP automatically is set the set DNS to the same thing and OK out of the properties then reboot. If it is set differently send the data and I will try to give you an idea.