I uninstallled Norton antivi as I have systemsuite6 prof and like it better. Now during DOS startup it says theres a file system ini wants and can't find. I press continue and all proceeds without incedent and everything seems to work. Norton is long gone and I wouldn't know how to find the file anyway as it's not stated. why do these f--king programs do s--t like this.
Should I re-install norton from the disc and sii if it fixes it. It takes forever to install.

Any thoughts/ideas?

PS: 98se/athelon 700mhz bla bla bla

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Please tell us what exactly the message says, that's how we can know what the problem is.

the msg goes on about not being able to find a file maybe needed, all during dos startup. can't copy/paste. Much text. then goes:
press any key to continue

I do so and loading proceeds.

I uninstalled norton and it left alot of symantec junk all over here and there, not completely removing everything. lousy unins. prgm.

I'm gonna continue deleting all and any syma ntec junk I find if windows will allow it then see if it goes away. If not I'll just have to reload norton and hope that fixes it.

I know this probably doesnt help much but is good as I can do. I aint no Computer phd.

Well, you should open your Registry Editor by choosing:
Start -> Run
Type REGEDIT then press Enter
On the tree view on the left, navigate to directory
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\Current Control Set\Services\VXD\
You should find a key named 'symevnt.386' ; delete that key.
If that solves the problem; then please mark this thread as SOLVED, otherwise tell me what you encounter and I'll try to help you further.

drycola you da man!!!!!!!!!!!!1
I did what you said and it fixed it. Dam I wish I knew how to do shit like that. Glad there's experts like you around to help out.
Thanks and I'll mark this solved.

I think you could have also edited the system.ini file and removed that reference :) (Its better clearing the reg though (Which will remove it from the file on next save of the reg))

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