Ok so I was playing a video game (falcon 4.0), and i randomly got a blue screen of death. I do not recall the error message of that specific incident.

Anyways, I rebooted, and after I selected to boot windows XP pro, I got a blue screen that said IRQL not less or equal (something of that sort).

So I tried to fiddle with the hardware, while doing so I think I unplugged the harddrive because when I tried booting again it did not detect the harddrive/windows installation and I guess it tried to boot from a floppy (which I don't have). The screen said something like "Please find a suitable boot media and reboot".

So I fiddled with the hardware again, unplugging and replugging the harddrive stuff and it took us back to square one with the blue screen.

So my hypothesis is something hardware related. At first I thought it was the video card (it might still be), but then I thought it could be the harddrive because of the boot menu problem I had. So honeslty, I'm really lost right now. I thought maybe you guys could pinpoint the problem based on the BSOD error message.


This type of error is associated with drivers, but drivers are stored on your hard drive. Other hardware may come into play.

You get a BSOD at what point in the boot process?

Can you boot into Safe Mode?


Yeah so that still supports my theory that it might be my video card

(more info on that: When I was playing the game and first got the BSOD, the first thing I noticed when I turned my computer on was that the fan on the video card was NOT running)

I get the BSOD after I select "Start windows normally". It allows me to select my OS, then it gives me the "windows did not shut down normally, sorry for the inconvenience".

Ok, so after you boot normally or last know good configuration, your system boots normally to windows and when your push the graphics, you get BSOD?

Replace the fan so you don't trash your video card (if it is not already).

No it doesn't even boot to windows. As soon as i select "start with normal settings", i get the BSOD.

Even safe mode doesn't get me into windows.

Do you think its probably my graphics card? I checked the RAM, and its recognized. It obviously recognizes the Hard drive because it gives me the option of booting windows.

You said that the fan on your video card is not working, so obversely there is a problem there somewhere. Check the fan and see if it spins freely. If you have on-board-video, remove your video card and plug your monitor directly into your motherboard and try that. If you don't have on-board-video, see if you can borrow a video card and/or change the slot of your card if two or more available.

Thing is, I don't know if its supposed to be spinning when I turn it on or not.

IIRC I faintly remember the fan turning on only after you are in windows, not while you are still booting up. I cant be sure though.

Correct me if im wrong though. Its an nvidia 8800 GTS BTW.

I can not answer your question as I have never looked and I don't have a machine with me now with a video card. But as it is your only devise fro running your monitor, it is used before windows is started and unless it has a thermostat to turn it on when hot, it should be running all the time.

Hi again,
Go to the site in my signature and download and make a UBCD, try to boot your machine with that, if it boot OK it is a software problem that you can fix with UBCD if it won't boot you need to find a hardware fault.

i say boot to winxp cd and R for repair and runn CHKDSK /R

Thanks, I'll try that when I get my hands on an empty CD.

Another quick question. Is it safe to say it's NOT a motherboard fault? Thats what worries me the most, since i do not want to have to replace a motherboard. I mean, if it was a motherboard fault it would not have even booted at all, correct?

Would doing a windows repair reformat/risk me losing data?

i say boot to winxp cd and R for repair and runn CHKDSK /R

I like this! If it finds errors your most likely issue is the drive itself. With or without errors, if you ge a stop error durring the scan, you should look at the RAM.

I like this! If it finds errors your most likely issue is the drive itself. With or without errors, if you ge a stop error durring the scan, you should look at the RAM.

i have fixed many bsod with checkdisk

re-formatting not only puts you at risk of loosing data -- it guarantees it!I wish that we could tell you it is not your MoBo, but we don't know that yet. It is NOT the most likely problem. Take it one step at a time. Use chkdsk /r and we will have completed step one. I think Ultimate Boot CD has chkdsk, I know XP setup CD does.

Let us know what you find out.

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