Lately I am facing some very weird RunDLL32 errors on my Windows7 while I am trying to run programs I need for work. All of them used to work properly on Windows XP. Also some shortcuts are blank, and no longer point to correct application.

Here is image of screenshot I took:

Some of my so-called tech friends have recommended me to install good antivirus with built-in firewall, which I already have (Kaspersky 2010) and get some good registry repair software.

Since I am a tech newbie, I've been checking many reviews like <snip> and most of them seem to recommend Registry Easy, or ACA Utilities.

I hope you guys can advise me what registry tool to choose, if choose at all? :)

Any help would be more than welcome!



I think that one program that is very regularly recommended here is a very easy and good program, Ccleaner
Note:- Always ensure that you backup your registry before you start any registry cleaner. Ccleaner has its own back up. If you need to do it manually, Go, "Start" "Run" type "regedit" without the " " click on "Export" follow prompts. If you need to restore your registry later you just click on that file you created.

That depends, some registry cleans don't clean up as much than other do they srew up thing more. Resgistry is a huge database even i get lost find things

first I'd recommend that you research that error you are getting. Here's an article that might help.
Also don't get any dodgy registry cleaners. CCleaner is a good and reliable one with lots of positive reviews.

It is not always registry problem. Please try Error Check Volume (Drive).