I just did a new install of windows 7, registered version all went well with the install but when it wasfinished, there was no taskbar or start button, any body got any ideas please

is the cursor can be seen? if yes, try hit ctrl+alt+del and open the task manager, then at the application tab, click new task... write explorer.exe

tell me what happen...pls keep in touch

did what you suggested, entered explorer.exe and hit ok,then the librarys pagecame up, nothing across the bottom.
Thanks for your imput

boot to your win7 dvd and run the fix/repair

did that no luck, it seems to be the display resolution, i now can get it on both sides and the top but not on the bottom........by changing the resolutions it still doesnt get it to the bottom of the screen.......it also appears to hanging over the endsas well

maybe it's your hardware, i mean the monitor.
you had set the boundaries wrongly.

yes, thats the common feeling amoung us, its a laptop and when we go to the settings, we cant change them, we are now able to put the bar on the top and on both sides but not on the bottom. The screen resolutions also appear to make it go over the sides. I have tried to get the correct updated drivers but there isnt any. Laptop details are acer aspire 5735z. There is no nvidea drivers for windows 7, Thansfor your help

make sure the resolution is 1366x768. my laptop is similar with you, acer aspire 4736g (16:9 aspect ratio, 1366x768 resolution), runs win7 without any probs... myb it's worth that you consult with any acer service center....