I had a failure in my Office 2003. I cannot go into repair it and I cannot remove it. I went through the office removal tool and it didn't work. I still have all my icons and I can still get into the programs but I get errors. I want to install a clean version of the software but it won't let me. I keep getting and "installation source not available" error. I retrieved my product key and put in the CD and tried to reinstall it and it doesn't like my product key. Is there any way I can fix this?


Just to clarify, have you been able to uninstall Office files from your PC and also that the key of the Office is not working? I wasn't sure about this so just thought about asking this to you. If this is the case then I would suggest you to have the best try contacting the dealer from where you purchased Office. Otherwise try some other applications to uninstall Office and then try installing it again.

I have tried just about everything. I went into the registry to get the product key before I started any of this. I went through the steps found online to remove it but I can't get all of it removed. The programs are still there because I can open them and I just get errors once the program is actually open. I tried to actually remove from add/remove. I tried to just delete the folder from the program files. I have used the microsoft tools to remove, all with no luck. I put in the install cd/dvd to try to repair or uninstall and when it asks for my product key, it tells me it's the wrong key. Not sure what to do. Looks like microsoft is forcing me to upgrade to 2007 if I want to use any of the office products. Not happy about that.

My reseller is out of business.

Try to reinstall the operating system.

Try Revo uninstaller...works for me

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