I have an .exe file that I have used for years (I wrote it in Visual Basic 6) with few problems. It is designed to insert a shortcut into Startup upon installation, and thus run automatically at every boot, which it has always done, until Windows 7! I have also set up Task Scheduler to run the program at 6 p.m. It runs at 6 - no problem. If I click on the shortcut in Startup, it runs, no problem. BUT it will never run at boot! Other programs, such as Thunderbird, run in Startup at boot without any problems.
Does anyone have a clue as to why??

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Insert this item in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE Run list. Download a tiny utility named STARTUP.CPL and will let you to do this simply.


Thanks, gstek. I did that, and I'm afraid that it didn't help at all. By the way, the startup.cpl app doesn't seem to like W7 at all.



then i think There might be some problem in your application or may be your system is infected with any sort of virus, Probably Explorer.exe is Infected

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