Hey everyone! (It's been a long time since I posted!)

I've just upgraded from WindowsXP to Windows 7. One thing I hate is how how when I have an Explorer window open, and I start typing to move the focus to a file/directory name in that directory, it instantly assumes I want to do a Windows File Search recursively in that directory. Is there a way to turn it off? WindowsXP does it and so does Windows 2008 Server.

I still want the Windows Indexing service to run, I just want to turn this annoying feature off. Thanks!

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I figured it out. It was a setting that I turned on accidentally.

Explorer Window -> Organize -> Folder Options -> View Tab -> When typing into list view -> Select the typed item in the view

That wasn't checked. I suppose I did it instinctively without thinking. In WindowsXP, the area is used to trigger Advanced File Sharing, and I guess I didn't realize this in Windows7. Also, I don't think in XP this is an option you can control because it just works.

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