Around two months ago I completely restarted the whole computer becuase of some issues it was having.

I reinstalled the Sims 3, but when I tried to play a box popped up (instead of the regular menu) with the following message:

'Application has generated an exception that cannot be handled.
Process ID=0x90c (2316). Thread ID=ox7d4 (2004).
Click Ok to terminate application or Click Cancel to debug application.

When I clicked Cancel it says

no registered JIT debugger was specified.
Click on Retry to have the processs wait while attaching a debugger manually. Click on cancel to abort the JIT debug request.

Clicking cancel gets me out of it and when I click retry it goes away and nothing pops up.

I have a Microsoft Windows XP and my computer meets all requirements for Sims 3.
Please help!

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I'm not really sure what it is I am supposed to do. Do I download this JIT debugger? And if so, where can I get it? I googled it and got a lot of different options.

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