I have installed Windows XP SP3 and the latest Ubuntu 10.04 on a 320 GB HD as a dual boot system. I have made a 125 GB partition for windows and left the rest for linux. When I boot the OSes, linux works fine, but windows takes a very very long time to boot, unlike normal windows single boot PCs. Could someone please tell me how to shorten the loading time of windows xp ? The processor is Pentium IV 2.66 GHz.


could you give all your system specs?

Is this a fresh install of XP or have you performed other installations/upgrades?

The motherboard is a VIA board with 1 GB RAM and 320 GB HDD. Both the Windows XP & Ubuntu are fresh installations.

Do you use boot.ini for your boot menu or the Grub loader. ie is Windows controlling OS selection, or Ubuntu?
A rundown of your partitions with the location of OSs, boot files and loaders might help.

I am using Grub. However I think I have solved the problem. I think the problem was not with the dual booting. I had installed the latest version of the firewall ZoneAlarm on Windows, and that was what was hogging up the resources of the PC. I disabled all other services except windows services, and the boot time has reduced considerably. And yes, I have removed ZoneAlarm. The previous versions of the firewall were much faster. I don't know why they keep bloating good software.
I thank everyone for their help.

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Glad it's sorted.

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Plus, in my opinion, I would recommend sticking with Windows Firewall.

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