I have an old system with Win2000 Professional installed... For some reason my computer no longer able to load the desktop screen, but the system startup and the logo with loading screen did appear when I turn the system on. After that it just a black screen and my monitor pops a message that it goes to sleep mode....

I tried remote control (I installed the Logmein before the issue happened) and I am able to see the desktop just fine from any other computer using the Logmein.

I am not sure what is the issue but I am pretty sure the monitor is fine...I also tried to plug a new monitor in but the same thing happened. Hope someone can give me some advice...

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I checked using the logmein remote from another computer and the explorer.exe is running from the win2000 system but the monitor just doesn't show anything... The weird part is that the start up loading screen does appear and showing in the monitor when I turn on the system....

and then after that I cannot see the desktop and the monitor goes to sleep mode... but I can still see the desktop from remote control in logmein from another computer...

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Ah. Gotcha. There could be a problem occurring when the sys switches from low to high resolution when it moves from boot phase to the running the OS itself. Does it have an installed video card, or on-board [integrated] graphics? It may be a driver issue... check the Device Manager for Display Adapter errors [use the other sys via logmein]. If no errors are evident then I suspect the video subsystem is at fault.


Hi gerbil,

I have checked the hardware manager, all hardwares seems to be function properly... What do you mean by video subsystem's fault?... Do I need to replace a video card?...


if it were me i would go to device manager and uninstall the video drivers ,and reboot ,and see what happens

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