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how dangerous are those new bluetrack laser mice ?

like the Microsoft Wireless Mouse 5000 MGC-00001 are those realy dangerous it has no on or off button the moment you put in a battery it turns on without warning immediatly shining the dangerous laser at you on the box it says you will be exposed to radiation how and why would they sell the mouse if your gonna be exposed to radiation ?

if you have this mouse please let me know what you think of this did you read all of the instructions on the warnings those other optical mice without laser are not as dangerous ?

this mouse seems very dangerous to people that have children as they may accidently knock it over or grab it an point the laser at you giving you a mega dose of radiaiton
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first all optical pointing devices have low power Laser units in them.they have an effective range of approximately 1/8th inch just enough to reach your mouse pad. By radiation I assume you are referring to the amount produced by Laser excitation,this is so low that it would not register on a radiation detector that is calibrated to exclude normal back ground radiation. That warning on box is put there by company Liability Lawyers. Later---