I have an Acer Aspire 5100 running Windows XP.

I recently installed a LightWave USB TV/AV Combo TV aerial unit to enable me to watch TV on my laptop. I live in Uganda so don't have many options apart from this in my place.

Everything was fine for a day or so and then my Touchpad stopped working.

I plugged in a USB mouse which works.

But I want to get my Synaptics TouchPad working again.

I reinstalled the latest driver from the Acer website.

Now, when I boot up, the touchpad works for around 5 seconds after my desktop shows but then it freezes.

I've tried unplugging the USB mouse and rebooting but the same thing happens.

I really need this USB TV tuner unit.

I'm not 100% that this is the reason for the conflict.

Any suggestions?


Try to completely uninstall you Touch pad driver and then reinstall the latest one. If that doesn't work and you are comfortable disassembling your computer i would take it apart and check the physical connection between the touch pad and the motherboard. Also try to go into the Device manager and check to see if there are any symbols like a yellow triangle next to the Touch pad.
Reply with Results :)

Uninstalled it asked me to restart when it found new hardware. It didn't automatically reinstall it. So I downloaded the latest drivers from acer for synaptics and installed them.

During installation a message popped up as follows:
"Files that are required for windows to run have been replaced by unrecognised versions. To maintain system stability windows must restore original versions of these files. Insert Windows XP Home edition Service Pack 3 CD"

So, I don't have this CD. I installed SP3 through windows automatic updates!

I have the CD for another computer but it won't recognise this CD in the computer having the problems.

I can't take the computer apart.

In any case, the touchpad works for a few seconds after start up and then stops.

There are no yellow triangles in device manager.

Any more help


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