When a shortcut was added to the Desktop on XP it was placed at the end of list on the screen. Now, on Windows7, when a new shortcut is added it gets put immediately below the Computer icon at top left. Is this a Vista/W7 thing? I've tried changing the various options available with a right click. 'View' option has the bottom four selected and the 'Sort by' option has nothing selected.
Funny, I just noticed that CCleaner installed itself at the end, why can't the others?
Is there some way to stop this positioning problem?

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Uncheck 'Auto Arrange' from Arrange Icons Options.

That's not quite what I had in mind. I have just installed something and the icon is at the end of the list on the desktop, but when I rebooted this morning there were icons between Computer and Recycle Bin that weren't there last night! I definitely remember being able to do this quite easily on XP. When I wanted to move the icons around they did auto arrange quite happily, so that I could have certain icons in certain positions on the desktop. Has Auto Arrange changed functionality? Even with it off icons seem to have moved about!

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