How do I uninstall windows xp and install windows 98SE? I know,why would I want to do that?
Well, its on an HP Pavilion Intel celeron 366MHZ 48mb sdram. I know,it can't be done. O yes it can, because I did it with some help from someone else. So now windows will not let me go back to 98. Just like it would not let me go to xp. So, what I want to know is how do I delete my hard drive and reinstall 98SE. Thanks.

You need to make sure that you have the BIOS/Startup, so that the CDROM drives boots before the Hard Drive.

Assuming that your computer has already booted on you CD.

Choose: Boot From CD


- Start Computer Without CD-ROM Support

Partition your Hard drive using FDISK
Guide here:

Type D:\win98\format C: (assuming your cd-rom is Drive d: )

Step 6
press Y to format hard disk

Step 7

Type D:\win98\setup

Step 8

Your Windows 98 installation should start.

This will work if I could boot to my disk but I can't. I went to the bios and set the cd to start first. But it still won't.

got the disk to boot but now it says I don't have but 48mb ram and most abort setup.

I have an old Hp Pavilion 366mhz 48mb ram that had 98 on it. Something to try things on. People said I could not install windows xp on 48mb ram. But I did it with some help from someone else. Windows xp will not let you install unless you have at least 64mb ram. Now I want to go back to 98. Theirs got to be a get around. Thanks for any help you can give. If I find out how I will let you know.

Does your laptop have a 3.5"Floppy Drive, if it does get a Win98 startup disk and boot with this - have your Win98 CD in the drive it should serch for it and install
hopefully If you don't have a 3,5" fdd maybe someone you know has an external one you could use
Good Luck!

I did boot to a floppy disk and typed at the a prompt "D:\setup" which should have started my windows 98 cd. but it said it was an invalid entry. Thanks

Found a good floppy boot disk Booted up used the fdisk on floppy to partition. Then formatted the C drive then installed windows 98. Solved!!