i am having problem with my windows xp if i connect my modem it keeps telling that modem in use by another program or not configured properly i have checked to make sure that my connection is correct. please i need your help

If you are talking about an external modem them you need to find your user manual and log into the modem after Windows XP re-installs it. Right click the My Computer icon on your desktop and go to Properties/Hardware/DeviceManager/Modemsdoubleclick for Properties and uninstall.
Reboot .Windows should find the now pluged-in modem as new hardware and install drivers.You may or may not have to log into the modem to configure it.
You will probably have to go to Start/ConnectTo/ShowAllConnectiond/LocalInternetConnection/Properties/Automatically Find MyDNS etc/OK/OK

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May be your modem is used by another port. uninstall all modem list available in Phone&Modem Options. Then connect ur modem, follow the steps to install properly

thanks guys.
though the reply came a trifle too i had to format my hard drive.
but thanx anyway it will com in handy some other time.

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