I had Office 2007 Home / Student installed with Publisher & working on a Toshiba running Vista. The Tosh was a Friday crock that is finally dying. I tried to install the programs on a new machine running Win 7.

The install was good. When I opened the programs they all gave an error saying there was a license conflict over the user. It told me to reinstall & select repair. Repair said there was nothing wrong with the install, so nothing can be repaired. I decided to uninstall the suite. Uninstall tells me I need Administrator permission to uninstall and thus refuses to uninstall. I am the administrator & the license holder!

How do I get the suite off the machine?

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Sorry if this appears obvious, but first I would go into Control panel/user options and CONFIRM that you have set yourself up as the system administrator. I also run a Tosh, although I have Win7. Also being a newbie I have loaded plenty of idiot programs and then uninstalled again without difficulty. Office being pretty much a Core system may be harder in which case wait for someone with brains to see your post. Regards and Best wishes in your endeavour...Wayne

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