i'v been reading over the forum threads and this is almost like hairdrier issue... but from Mal_Patch-3 and Possible_Virut-3 worms... login screen comes up (installed a game with starforce on it, uninstalled game, thats when the worms showed up... stupid russian garbage software) and since i dont have an access password, i hit ok.. then, windows stops the login program alltogether, and windows just hangs there while i look at an empty screen of my background picture... then, i hit ctrl+alt+delete and windows closes the task manager also...

before the game with starforce on it, i was useing virtual drive emulators (power iso and daemon tools) to run isos of the games i own, so i dont scratch the hell out of em while loading / unloading the drive, and one of the worms turned kernel debugger on (which i have no idea how to disable again...) and openned the login form as windows starts up...

1, system restore will not work from safemode (can only run safemode debug mode to access computer)
2, cannot get past login any other way
3, the worms are gone, spent 2 days cleaning up the hard drive with trend micro tools
4, i have no windows cd, or recovery cd, pc came without anything but the hardware driver disks (which i dont use, internet downloads are mroe recent)
5, start windows with most recently working settings doesnt work
6, safe mode, safe mode with networking, and safe mode with command prompt do not work
7, all hardware passes tests in utility partitions, and debug mode, and safemode diagnostics

windows xp-home

if someone could point me in the right direction on how to fix the login crap i would be grateful

windows only working in directory services repair (safe mode)
windows terminates - userinit.exe (log to userinit.exe.mdmp)
p4 in the error data is unknown (cannot track registry key to p4?)
says windows terminates userinit login application due to either invalid action or some error which it doesnt say much about other than the log

I am not sure this will fix your problem but you could try:-
Start PC in safe mode, make a new user with admin rights and reboot and try to log in with the new user ID.

i fixed it mostly... had tyo download and replace the userlogin .exe file ... the worm went crazy all over... i'v been downloading .exe's for hours now replacing em so my programs will run