Hi all.

I have a sony vaio. I also have the disk from sony with all the software on it. What happens is while loading, it stops and gives an error message " Error occured while creating recovery partition".
I sent a message to Sony, and they want me to pay then for help, because it is out of warrenty. I have also tried to install a XP OS from my other PC, and it stops in the same place. It was working fine until I tried to set it to factory specs. If it can be fixed, OK. If not I will get another one? Please help. Thanks.


I think the problem is that is installation disk is trying to create a separate recovery partition and you have allocated the entire disk to the primary partition. Try leaving 15GB of space unallocated when your are installing XP and see if it works.

installing regular xp on a laptop should not try to create a recovery partition .
unless you are using a xp reovery disk maybe !

I thank caperjack and rch1231 who replied. The cd drive is bad, and would not move right to complete set up.