I am planning on upgrading server 03 with exchange 03 to exchange 07 and server 08 software.

i have never done so before, so i have a few questions.

i did not set up the current exchange server, so i have no idea what package was purchased.

i know that i can connect computers and add new users whenever i want without purchasing a user cal or device cal.

after talking to microsoft and some other resalers they are telling me i need 75 device cals for the server and 75 user cals for the exchange server

gets kind of pricey.

do i need both sets of cals ? or can i just use the device cals ? or do i really need to purchase this many cals to begin with

cals are stupid if you ask me. i dont understand them.

any feedback would be appreciated.

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Completely understand your comments about the cals. I was in the same predictament some months back and after much debate decided to go down the route of an SBS 2008 server, the cals are for both users and exchange so from what your saying that would cut the cost conciderably. Hope this is of some help

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