I live in a very remote area, naturally there are lots of power cuts and I've become very adapt at resurrecting my computer;) . Trying to be smart I use an external drive to save all my stuff. I use sync-toy as my backup program. Synchronizing, after the newest re-install of xp, didn't allow me to use most of the backup files. They either corrupted or show as empty. Some could be opened by changing the .bak end to the original name.
Any advice? Or any other clever and EASY ways to deal with backup's?
Thanx Petra

No point in backing data if there is frequent power cut. The files maybe corrupted already. I suggest you use a battery back-up power supply also know as UPS (Uninterruptible power supply). Its an external unit that plug in between your computer and the power point. If there is power cut the UPS will still supply the power to your computer for about 15mins enough time to save your files and shut down.

Thank you, will look into this. Nevertheless would be great to solve the backup problem as well. Shouldn't I be able to even run stuff of the external drive? Seems all files are stored as .bak...Perhaps I need to fuddle with settings?

hey petra ,

right question asked dude , backuping important documents and files are important in case of any mishap happens.I suggest you one ,best of the backup managers.it allows you to take backup & restoration as well.Use advanced system optimizer.It really helped taking backup of my multiple drives and tell u Best Optimizer :)
Use its backup manager.you can schedule your backup as well using this.try google it .you may find it :cool:
Download it using http://download.cnet.com/Advanced-System-Optimizer/3000-2094_4-10147659.html?tag=mncol
Or it may available on tucows .

Let me know how it goes

i suggest buying a battery backup from best buy or some electronics store. Also, get a backup software like backupchain to copy your files to the external drive continuously so you don't have to worry about it. then if disaster strikes you have all your files on the drive, ready to go.

Great, will spend some time today to check this out!:idea:

Or get a laptop.... biiig laptop with a decent screen. I loathe them myself, but it may be a cheaper solution than a UPS. And then you have automatic battery backup.
I use Syncback Free from http://www.2brightsparks.com/ I have set it to start automatically and backup once daily, but you might set it to backup incrementally every 15 mins. You won't know it is running. Backs up to removables and externals, too. If I have some work I want to BU continually then that is just a matter of starting the pgm and leaving it to BU that Group at the interval I set, nothing else to do.

you know a UPS/battery backup is a good thing to have even with a laptop. Spikes in the line, too high/low voltages, and power interruptions can cause serious damage in electronic equipment. I wouldn't use a computer without a battery backup. I learned my lesson when a lightning storm destroyed all electronic devices in my house (no lightning hit building).