OS - XP SP 2
I had this Soundmix.exe showing up in my Task Manager for about 2 days since the time I used a Pen drive. I downloaded and used Regrun Reanimator which apparently removed it and I manually deleted the zipexr.dll file from the cache. Now I dont have instances of Soundmix.exe in the Task Manager. But when I use CCleaner, it shows up in the Startup . However, when I try to delete or disable, I cannot do so (pic embedded).


Add & Remove Program of Control Panel doesn't work too. It shows :

When clicked on other programmes, it prompts to ask which program should it use:

When I click on System Restore, it says I dont have the administrator rights to do so. However, I have only one user account in my Home Edition which was until now the Admin.

Can some one please tell me what's wrong with it ?

Note - I cannot boot into any of the safe modes

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I think you have a virus.
In this case - You cannot boot a safe mode - you need boot from a rescue CD/DVD and restore Windows.

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