I would like to connect to another PC in my network using remote desktop connection, but I can't. Both PC's are using windows 7, both PC's are in same network and they can send files to each other with no problems.

When using remote desktop connection I don't get any further than Log-in screen. I tried using my-pc's username and host pc's username, but each time I get error "password or username incorrect" (I don't use password on either of pc's). What could be the problem here ? Do I need to create another user account in host pc just to use remote desktop connection ?

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It is the lack of passwords that is the issue. To use remote desktop, you have to allow remote connections on each of the PC's, and this is a different thing to sharing files/folders.

You also have to have a seperate user acoount with a password on each PC, not the default 'log on' account only, this is a deliberate security feature.


Hi dear, u create a seperate account with admin rights on both machines, and also set a same psw in both machines. Now make sure u enabled remote access option in both machines. Now try to remote desktoping. If any issues reply to this....
Vishwas K


also when you login to the remote machine enter the remote computers name followed by a "\" for example: pc02\user


Thank you guys , I will try this out some time in nearest future.

Cheers !

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