My wife has a Toshiba laptop that's running windows 7. Recently a lot of error began happening. Foremost of those were little popups saying that certain files were corrupt and that there were viruses. After runnin my anti-virus in safe mode Avast found 4 or 5 malware and worm viruses that were causing that. When I rebooted normally the internet still wouldn't come up it came with a page that said this website is unsafe etc etc. So I ran another thorough scan with the computer not in safe mode. It found 3 more of these viruses and since then I have not had any problems when opening programs, the menu or anything, however I.E. is still having a problem. Any webpage I go to it says "This webpage cannot be found. Whether it's google, yahoo, or even facebook. I'm getting desperate at how to fix it. My desktop also runs windows 7 and is just fine. I have the 2 computers networked together, but don't know how to fix the problem. Any help?

Hello Tatt2112,

This is common after a virus (even after the virus is removed). You can try to repair IE by resetting IE settings back to default. To do this close out if IE and then reopen it > got to Tools (upper right-hand corner) > Internet Options > click on the Advanced Tab > and then you will see the option to Reset.

If this does not fix the problem, you may need to reinstall IE8 in order to repair it. This should help you do so -

IE Outreach Team