Hi, for some reason when ever I go onto google, yahoo or any search engine, the only results I get are that of phishing and scam sites.
This started happening just after I had removed three virus' (one of those scan ware things that pretend to be anti-virus') that had infected a file I was downloading. I turned my internet off as soon as I realized what had happened and jumped onto safe mode, then used my other computer (the computer I am currently on) to find a way to delete them.
Once I had, I also needed to fix my browsers because they wouldn't connect me to a webpage - however my IM worked fine. So now, everything is fine, although I cannot use a search engine because all I get are scam sites and what not.

My laptop is a Acer TravelMate 4720 with Windows 7 32bit installed and the browser I am using is Google Chrome.

Thanks to anyone who can help :D

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This is appropriately named, "Google Redirect." There are lots of variations of it. If you can't remove the hard drive and scan it in another machine, there is a secret I will share with you. Let's say you want to download hijackthis or Malwarebyte's Anti-malware (which you do). Search for what you want, Right-click the link, and select "Copy Shortcut." Now Right-click in the Address bar, select paste, and press ENTER. Do this rather than clicking links, and you will be able to get around enough to get some Anti-malware tools.

Good Luck


Thanks, but it doesn't really help. My search engine shows only scam sites, as in if I searched in "runescape" it would come up with the same results most of the time.
"Help windows become better! download!" is an example.

Though I couldn't be bothered to fix the problem so I reformatted my laptop and the problems is yesterdays kitty litter, thanks though for replying.

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