I need to do a repair but find that my Toshiba Xp machine wont load the Product Recovery Disc.
I have since found that it wont load any discs at all.
Recently I connected my MP3 Player by USB to the machine and I am wondering if this could be related to the problem?
The idea was to charge up the MP3 Player.
When it was done I just disconnected it, but I am now wondering if there is a procedure to be gone through before disconnecting a USB device.
Sometimes I connect to Media Player and sometimes to Windows Explorer.
Any help would be appreciated, and I am more than happy to supply any further information.
The repair is to the .Net Framework, and I have been given instructions by Microsoft but, as I say, unable to load recovery disc.

I have since found that it wont load any discs at all.

are you meaning it won't boot to the recovery ,dose the computer still work ,will it still boot to winxp , the toshiba disk will wipe harddrive and put it back to day one when you first bought it ,loss of all data .
if you need to boot to the recovery disk ,you may need to go into the bios setup to change the boot order to cdrom

Machine is working normally, just it won't load discs for some reason.
Even if I insert a film on disc it won't load.

Clicked on My Computer but did not see CD Rom icon.
Clicked on your link for Driver Detective.
While it found my machine, Toshiba, it did not list the model number, M50 L192, so I could not proceed.

Finally got model sorted on Driver Detective.
It advises that updates are needed, but this appears to be a service that you have to pay for.
Is that correct?
I wasn't looking for a paid service.

Hi, i suggester you download autofix.exe not driver detective ,sorry about the misunderstanding , driver dective is just an advertising on the page with the autorun exe ,see attached image

You did say autofix.
Ran that and rebooted, but discs or DVD's still aren't playing.
It is just 2 am herein Ireland so I will get some sleep and try again tomorrow.
Please let me know if you have any other suggestions.
Thanks again.

Said Fix It encountered a run time error and to try again later.
Will try again when I get home from work.
Hopefully error will be sorted by then.

After numerous attempts I am still getting
runtime error.
Ran registry fix, but that did not solve it.

Thanks for your patience.
I would be terrified of the registry but since I last wrote there has been a slight improvement, in that I am getting a message on the screen when the Toshiba Recovery Disc is inserted.
I'll just go through what it says;
Toshiba (D)
This disc contains more than one type of content.
What do you want windows to do?
Print the Pictures using photo wizard
Copy folders to a folder on my computer
Copy disc using Sonic record Now
Add Files Using Sonic
View, find, fix and share photos
Play using WMP
Take No Action.

There is a lot of talk about pictures for a recovery tool.
Maybe you could advise please.

Just got a Warning from the disc saying Wrong Machine - this disc is intended for Toshiba Personal Computers and your hard drive will be permanently deleted if you don't remove it!

The mystery deepens.
The machine was with Toshiba agent 3 years ago, while under guarantee, for a motherboard replacement and that is the recovery disc that came back with it.
Think I am going to have to talk to Toshiba.
Also, sometimes it is difficult to authenticate PC with windows - as if it is not recognised.
The machine was bought in PC World in Dublin, and serviced by local Toshiba agent.
I bought from them an extended warranty which expired earlier this year.


Have you added any extra partitions, I remember when I was trying to restore factory settings it didn't like the fact I had added extra partitions; just a thought.

Have you backed up the disk just in case your attempts end up with you having a disk without an OS on?

- Let us know how it goes

No, I have made no alterations.
I really don't know what's going on.
Since the machine came back from Toshiba 3 years ago I have often had difficulty convincing Microsoft that I am using genuine Windows.
And now this.
Just as well that it is late at night because I feel like going to Toshiba right now and telling them what I think of them.
I restarted the laptop, as recommended in the message, and everything came back fine.
Toshiba will have a lot of explaining to do.