When i open a page on the internet i cant close it, either by clicking on the x or right clicking and chossing close, alot of other pages open as well and ive had to install a pop up blocker, anyone know why these pages wont close? to close them i have to ctrl alt delete and close them that way, cheers in advance:cheesy:

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might I suggest Ad-Aware
Download the latest version of Ad-Aware at http://www.lavasoftusa.com/support/download/

After installing AAW, and before running the program, you NEED to FIRST update the reference file following these instructions. http://www.lavahelp.com/howto/updref/index.html

Now do the following:

- Under Ad-aware 6 > Settings (Gear at the top) > Tweaks > Scanning Engine:
check: "Unload recognized processes during scanning."

- Under Ad-aware 6 > Settings (Gear at the top) > Tweaks > Cleaning Engine:
Check: "Let Windows remove files in use after reboot."

Press "Scan Now"

- Check option "Use Custom scanning options"
- Check option "Activate In-Depth Scan"
- Press "Select drives\folders to scan"
- Select the active partition which is usually C:

Now press "Next" to let Ad-aware scan your drives...
It will find a number of "bad" files and registry keys.
Right-click in that pane and choose "select all"

Now press "Next" again.
It will ask you whether you'd like to remove all checked items. Click OK.

Finally, close Ad-Aware, and reboot.
That ought to get rid of most of your spyware.

Thanks that seems to have sorted the problem, cheers :lol:

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